Such a Beautiful Baby

Once again I offer more photos of my precious bright eyed niece, Molly.


Woo Whoo, I did it!

I love my natural hair color, but lately I wanted something a little different. I never dyed or permed or did anything different with my hair but cut it straight. Today I had a cut and a little under color. I LOVE IT! And my husband loves it too. I have such a great husband!


Oh Yes!

I nearly forgot to post the final cut photo for announcing my niece's birth! I get to see her again this weekend. I am soo excited.

I like this photo because my brother-in-law is a drummer and they played a djembe at their wedding.


Free Day

Last Saturday my friend Kristin and I spent the afternoon together. We met at Rosa's for lunch and headed out to see what mischief we could get into with cameras in our hands. We found a few good treasures. Kristen and her husband are in our small group and she is taking a photography class at Tech. She recently changed her major to Graphic Design, YAH! Here are a few results of our roaming around Lubbock...


Home Sweet Home

As of today the front lawn is getting a make over. I am so excited. When we came back to Lubbock, we really wanted a house with lots of trees. The house we fell in love with didn’t have many trees, just little ones. Now, we have more trees and boulders! Progress pictures to come, of course.

This is our cute little house when we bought it.



Home Sweet Home!

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