Family Times

We are packing up to do a Texas Tour for Thanksgiving. With all of the Big 12 football chaos & the sadness that still lingers from Tech's loss against the Sooners, family tension can be high sometimes, especially if you have a family of mixed collegiate loyalty. I think it has even rubbed off on Walker a bit. He is a pretty big Tech fan.

"Hey Walker, would you rather be a Boomer Sooner or be dead?"

In light of preparing to be in the presence of one of our most beloved Aggies, we have asked Walker if he wants to be an Aggie as well. As any good parents would, we have given Walker the choice of whatever college he wants to support. Pretty sure he doesn't want to be anything but a Red Raider! You so good Walker.

Hope you all have great Thanksgiving break.


Raider Power!

Lazy Saturday. Have my Tech shoes on and waiting for the game to start!


Christmas is Coming...

It's that time again, to dig up all your addresses, write Christmas wishes and lick those stamps! I have several Christmas card designs below, any of which you can custom change- text, colors, layout, you name!

Below is an inside 5x5 folded card sample.

I am offering a few different options listed below:

5x7 or 5x5 folded four sides printed on semi-gloss cardstock
$65 for 25 pack + envelopes

5x7 or 5x5 double sided printed on semi-gloss cardstock
$40 for 25 pack + envelopes

5x7 or 5x5 one sided photocard printed on Kodak Professional Lustre (semi-gloss) paper
$20 for 25 pack

*The cardstocks can be printed on watercolor, linen or pearl paper for a little extra cost. Cardstock cards come with envelopes options of white or parchment paper. Please note that 5x5 envelopes require extra postage when individually mailed. You can mail your 5x5 cards in a 5x7 envelope.

My office number is 512 358 6448, cell is 806 928 9668. Give me a ring!


Awe, Puppies

I saw this video on a Dog Photographer's blog I watch, Erin Vey. It is a live stream. Cute little guys. Beware, this will makes you want a puppy.

Free TV Show from Ustream

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