Emily & Micah

This wedding was at a gorgeous location east of Sherman Tx, Willowood Ranch. I had the pleasure of second shooting with the fabulous Jennifer Bellah. Let me just say, second shooting ROCKS!


Mator Matter

These red beauties became a part of that red sauce in about 10 hours on my stove top. The very next day Thomas pick a whole new bowl full. We are up to our eye balls in tomatoes and LOVING it!


Triple the Fun!

There is nothing more fun than two sisters expecting babies (3) about the same time. Last weekend I shot another double pregnancy session and I have known these girls since birth!

Can you believe she has TWO in there!! No way!
Addison and Emma, we can't wait to meet you!

So fun to which this little family grow. Caroline was full of kisses for her little baby sister.

Just like the big girls, she was posing for the camera. Such a good little model.


Congrats Grads!

Tonight the Mineral Wells High School Senior Class of 2009 will grace the halls for the last time as students. I want to give a little shout out to Kelcee and Willie, two of my favorite seniors I had the opportunity to photograph this year. Both are Very Talented, good hearted individuals and I can see them being successful in all that they set out to become. I know your families are proud of you both. God Bless!


Fossil Rim

I remember going to Fossil Rim as a child with the Coopers. I think that was the same trip we went to Inks Lake and sat in our lawn chairs in the lake because was so hot! I could be wrong. This post is a little over due, but this is how I spent my Mother's Day weekend. I met some of the family at Glen Rose and we stayed a night at The Glen Hotel. I highly recommend the stay!

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