Posting Delays

I haven't posted much lately. Though I do have things to post. We are in the process of packing up camp and moving to the hill country. You probably won't see much out of me until mid June. Who knows though, I might surprise you. Good things are to come around that corner! I will try to keep you "posted." In the mean time, here is an image of my friend that comes to visit me every day outside my window at work. He likes to talk. A LOT.



Two very cool things happened yesterday.

1. We got these really cool t-shirts in the mail that our super cool friend Abraham Bowater designed. He has a profile on Redbubble.com, check him out by clicking on his name!

AND 2. Thomas defended his dissertation and blew them way with his awesomeness! I am so proud of him and so happy to see him able to enjoy life again now that that is over. Way to go baby!! TWO Thumbs up!



It is so cool to see the plants we planted last year start to bloom again! This guy is only about half an inch now, but it will grow to be about 7 inches or more in full bloom. I love spring!

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