Texture Shots

I have been playing around with a few texture shots I took around the house and adding them to photos for a more dramatic effect. Tell me what you think.


I heart Thomas

I know I am in a unique situation when my husband goes out to get a flat tire fixed for me and comes back with a sac full of new camera equipment he has been wanting to buy. I have never felt guilty because I have to tell my husband "I really wanted it, I had to buy it" He buys it for me! I have a husband that spends a lot of time researching equipment and techniques. He is into this as much as I am. It is amazing! I am blessed!


Amazing Group

We had a great group of friends, new and old, gather for our first ever experimental photo shoot. And we had great models to work with. My new neighbors and friends were so great to dress up and try anything we suggested.

Thanks all for coming out to play. Thanks husband for carrying around large heavy furniture and me on your shoulders. And thank you neighbors for being so willing to work with us in the wind and sprinkles. You are beautiful together!



This is my cousin Leah, she is a senior at Martin High.

This is Leah's cousin Stephanie, she also is a senior at Martin High.

This is Stephanie's cousin Elizabeth, she is a senior at South West High.

I have been processing these three seniors' photos. These are a few of my favorites. More to come...


Guess Who

is turning 1?

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