My wonderful friend Jennifer Bellah teamed up with me on this engagement shoot. They all were troopers in the wind that day. We pushed back the hour to meet that morning because of the cold. Then it was windy. But we snapped lots of photos and lead them all around town. They did great. Thanks Tim & Terra for letting us create your engagement photos. And thanks Jenn for all you did to help make this shoot successful!


Addy Awards

my handsome husband

My Lubbock Arts Festival project won Judge's Choice Award! Good job team! Here with Steve the account executive and Elizabeth the client.

Disco Night. The Addy Awards is an event where all the local advertising agencys get together pick the best advertising from the past year. Gold awards go on to regionals and then nationals. The Thomas Agency walked away with 13 awards Saturday night. This is one night I was not behind the camera. I can't believe I can wear my mom's outfit from the 70's!


More Molly!

I predict another drummer in our future.

Isn't she perfect! Three days old here. There are more photos, of course. I left off the ones that look like the photo Jennifer and Jacy chose for the announcement. Once those are in the mail, I will add them. By that time, hopefully I can take more photos. I am sure she has changed so much since I saw her last.

Happy Day After Valentine's Day Day

As one guy put it on the news last night, "It only happens once a year, it will be nice." -Gees, his poor valentine. I am glad that I am loved more than once a year and I don't depend on a national holiday to determine if my love cup is full. How stressfull that would be. Maybe I am spoiled.

We spent our time with our dogs, in the snow, and grilling hamburgers.... yumm, oh so good.


Coming Soon, I Promise

We are so close to picking the announcement photos. As soon as that happens I will post more Molly photos. I don't want to post her chosen photos before Jenn has a chance to send them out. I can't wait for you to see them!

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