West Texas Gone CRAZY!

Okay West Texas get your rally caps on, Crazy Water is coming to United Supermarket and you can help! The next time you are at United, please stop by customer service and fill out a product request form for Famous Water Co.'s Crazy Water. You are Crazy for Crazy Water! Crazy Water is a healthy water stacked full of good Minerals for your body. There are four types of water you can choose from.

No. 1 has no minerals, No. 2 has low minerals, No. 3 has medium level of minerals, & No. 4 has high minerals.


To all my dear design friends out there

I came across something that really made me smile today. Here is a clip from an old post I read from Speak Up:

"Because you've heard the expression many more times than you would ever have to. Because, today, it won't be the last time you hear it. Because of these, and many more reasons, we are presenting our most lighthearted, silly post in years: Two minutes and thirty-six seconds of the rockingest rendition of "Make the Logo Bigger!" that you will ever hear."

Enjoy, My friends.

This ballad has been composed and performed by Burn Back for I Have An Idea's Portfolio Night 5.


Feels Something Like Summer Time

My niece, Molly went swimming for the first time this weekend at Uncle Jerry and Aunt Judy's house!

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