Happy Birthday Molly!

Molly turned 1 this weekend! What a party we had. I will have a gallery of all the images up this weekend for the parents. Let me know if you want to see those and I will send you a link!

Yummy white chocolate cake from Taste of Europe!


More Molly Blogging Coming soon..

Molly turned 1 this weekend. Can't believe it! I have a few images I am processing and hope to get up tonight so you can see how she has grown! Stay tuned!



I know, it's been a while. I am back in town and back in the full swing of things. I just came from a photography convention in Tampa Bay and I am way excited to start the year off with some new photography experiments and see what new techniques I can come up with. Happy New Year Everyone.  I hope your 2008 is blessed!

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