2.5 Weeks Ago

Remember that garden from 2.5 weeks ago? I counted 32 tomatoes yesterday and then lost track of what I had already counted. We have peppers and eggplants blooming too. And the green onions have finally come back to life. I think we planted the broccoli, on the left, too late in the season, but there are eatables. Thank God for the rain and Thomas' care. We had sautéed spinach last night and we have eaten a few, to die for, strawberries already! Where's the chocolate!

Veggie Explosion!


Kelcee's Senior Portraits {Austin Photographer}

This is the third session of the day from my photo shoot marathon in Mineral Wells. Kelcee is so gorgeous in front of the camera, I'd love to post them all. We nearly went everywhere, Kelcee's got connections! It's nice being able to make the shoot unique to each student. Kelcee, thanks for hanging out with us that day, good look in all you pursue!


Thank God for Little Girls

I have known Amanda my whole life. We played softball together growing up and we were roommates for 3 years in collage. I was her maid of honor and she was mine. She is very dear to me. So is this little girl. I know she brings so much joy to Amanda's life. You can see why.

I am glad I had the chance to spend a little time with them, I don't get to do that enough!

Reece LOVES her Uncle David. She just lights up and waves when he comes around the corner.

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