Oh Babies

This image is for my mom, she bought us the topsy turvy. Little green chili pepper!

Dear baby eggplants, I have big delicious plans for you.
Dear green tomatoes, you cannot turn red fast enough!
Miniature red bell pepper. I guess it will turn red later, or I bought a green bell pepper...

That's a big ole green onion you got there Thomas.

I had a recipe that called for 3 green onions. We decided they must have meant 1 green onion from our garden...


Hot Cakes!

These little babies are selling like hot cakes! They are 88 4x6 prints of your favorite images from your shoot. Sometimes it is hard to just pick a few, or maybe you want to see some images printed before you blow a few up to 30x40 canvas prints. They are printed on the same professional photo paper and same quality as your larger prints. I get a discount for printing 88 at the same size & so I pass the saving on to you. You can have a new image to look at every day. Everybody is doing...

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