Photo Dumping

Because time is precious, this post is mostly a photo dumping of the past 3 weeks. I have been taking photos as time allows, but mostly I have been staring at the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Such a miracle.

The community that we live in is amazing. They came together and organized a calender to bring us food. Every other night we had a new, hot, home cooked meal arrive at our door. Oh so yummy every time and oh so humbling how much effort was put into every meal. What a blessing to not have to worry about what we are going to eat for dinner. People we didn't even know yet have shown up. God has really surrounded us with loving people.

This folks, is an image of the two loves of my life! Thomas is such a sweet daddy. She is so at ease with him.

Big Cousin Molly came to visit her baby cousin!

MeMa is going to love this one....

We had a very low key Easter this year. Bailey is still a little too young to hit the crowded room of people. But we did mange to find a few fields of blue to capture this years awesome display of wildflowers!

Almost as soon as we arrived home, I caught a cold, which Bailey caught from me. There is nothing more sad than seeing her struggle to breath at 1.5 weeks old. Thomas has it now and as I type this I feel another sore throat coming on. I can now see how new moms can become so protective of their little ones and not want anyone to touch or breath on them. It just doesn't seem fair to be so little and have to already deal with a sick cold. At this age there is nothing you can give them to help them fight it off. So we are just waiting for it to clear up. Please pray that we can knock this out and that this sweet baby doesn't have to battle another round of it.

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