Molly, oh, Molly

Here is a sample of some photos I snapped of my adorable niece. Love the dimple!


NO Diving

So I don't bug you with photos of my dogs all of the time, Thomas made them a blog of their own. We obsessively LOVE our dogs. They are the coolest dogs ever. Check out our three W's. Walker, Waylon, and Winnie. ThreeDubs.blogspot.com


OPC Friends!

I love finding new blogs of old friends. I knew these guys from the OPC (Outdoor Pursuit Center) at the REC in the college days. They both are living awesome lives around the world. Check them out.

Julie spent her summer in Alaska! juliesalaskanadventure.blogspot.com
And Luke is an English teacher in Shinji! theblogerella.blogspot.com


Jennifer + Cody

This awesome wedding planning super mom, even made the cake!
I had to stop myself from adding every photo. This is just a "sneak peak." They were just so easy to photograph! I wish you two a happy life long marriage!


Awesome Dogs!

We took our dogs out to try out my new fantastic lens. Look at them jump!! I love my dogs.

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