Casey James, the band

What an awesome way to start out in a new town. This is the Casey James band. Jacy McCann drums, Casey James singer and lead guitar, and Billy James bass. They came to town this weekend and they asked me to tag along! What a blast. These guys are so creative, talented, and full of life. I was honored to be their photographer. I can't wait for you to hear their tunes. You get a special sneak of my time with them before they appear anywhere else.

Thanks guys for including me this weekend. It was so good to see ya and catch up. You guys ROCK!

Okay yes, I keep adding more. I can't help it.

Molly Blogging

Just because I can't stand not to, you may get three post today... Here is Miss Molly's weekend. She shopped until she dropped, she saw goats and horses and chickens, and she played until the adults were worn out! She had quite the adventure.

This place is so beautiful. Memory Lane Event Center, close to where the guys recorded. A great place to have an outdoor wedding that accommodates many people.

Back to the boxes...

We are finally at home. We have been moving for the last week and a half and are still up to our eye balls in boxes. But it is all coming together. Waylon here, in front of my favorite plants by the front door. Elephant ears. They are soo huge! Of course the photo does not do them justice.. more photos to come once we are a little more organized on the inside...



Thomas and I celebrated our 5th anniversary today. My sweet parents drove 3.5 hours to deliver a very special gift. We have started a fun new tradition (I hope!) They brought us a small version of our wedding cake YUM!!! So we are sitting here enjoying the best wedding cake ever! It is an Ida Mae Wedding Cake from Jacksboro, Texas. (940) 567-3439 If you are in the market of needing a wedding cake, there is no better place to go. It doesn't matter where you live, these are the best wedding cakes in the world. I am a big fan of promoting creative people that are good at what they do. And this lady is GOOD. She doesn't have a website or even advertise for herself. She just prefers word of mouth. She has created wedding cakes for the Perot family and the year we got married, she was featured in the first D Wedding Magazine. My aunt and my sister both had Ida Mae cakes. I could go on forever, but I'd rather have another piece of cake! Thanks Mom and Dad!

Happy 5th year, Thomas. I am more in love with you today than I was the day we married, and I didn't think that could be possible.


Elder Kids

I had an awesome shoot this evening with the Elder kids. These guys know how to have fun. Here are a few of my favorites...


little man POTD

I've spent my week with the Famous Water Company working gobs of new promotions. I really love all old props hanging around the pavilion. Here is one of my favorites little guys that made the photo shoot this morning.



These are a few funny old postcards sold in the Famous Mineral Water Co. I love the hand drawn illustrations and fonts.


It's a Crazy Week

There probably won't be much for the photo of the day this week. I am out of town on business, but I'll see what I can pull off...

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