Kendall + Kitzel!

As I start adding photos from the past year, I am beginning with the most recent shoot because I can't wait to get them out there! I can't even tell you how excited I was when Kendall emailed back in September to see if I would shoot his engagement pictures. Kendall is an amazing artist, photographer, writer, and friend. Check him out Kendall Ruth, and his blog, and read about him here. I am so honored to be asked to capture this rich moment in his life. I met Kendall way back in 99 at Ute Trail Ranch, or "The Rock." I was a guide and he was my trainer both summers I worked there. Then we caught back up about ten years later and now he's getting married. And Kit is one awesome chick, I liked her from the start! Check out her business, Fleurish Design LLC. They were in Austin because she did the flowers for this wedding. Thomas and I met up with them last Sunday evening and let me tell you, I LOVE this couple. They are so much fun together. It fills me with so much joy to see them together!

On with the show!


Happy New Year!

I definitely have some blog time to catch up on. Man, where have the last two years gone? Oh yeah, I had a baby. And that sweet baby has filled my life with so much joy. Finding a balance between bragging about my work here or absorbing every sweet moment with my child has been a seesaw ride for sure. Most of last year's work has landed on Facebook. But I am now going to try to bring this blog up to speed and maybe even spend a little time reworking the website. Between three hour naps and now Wednesday mornings open for working, (Bailey started going to an Academy on Wednesdays) I will have a little more time to promote the latest happenings at Sarah Holt Design & Photography, and a LOT has been happening!! We welcome the new year!

Here is a family portrait that Bailey took for our Christmas cards this year.

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