starry night potd

Thomas and I played with the new light a little this evening and ended up turning it off and shooting the stars.


New Toy POTD

What do you do when you get a new toy? Go straight home and play with it. I bought a new photography light this morning and spent the rest of the day testing it out. Little hard to pick out a favorite. I never caught a good image of our third dog, but here are two of my favorite models. So serious.


Photo Envo - POTD

This is a package that will ship out today. 4x6 photo prints. Hand crafted black envelope with sleeve wrap. Text printed, logo stamped. I haven't been able to find photo envelopes anywhere. So, I custom make them, fit to the order size. This, of course, is then placed in a sturdy box for shipping.


Packaging POTD

So in the world of graphic design, presentation is everything. I'm working on the presentation of my packaging. I don't necessarily want every package to be the same, but they do need to be similar. I like making them by hand, for now. I'm practicing my carving skills, which brings back memories of junior high, I believe, when we learned how to carve a stamp in art class. I here is my first attempt to carve my logo to stamp onto what ever needs to be packaged. It is a little scruffy. But there will be more to come. The S actually comes out pretty well on paper, it is the tiny lines on the H that are little boogers to carve.


Photo of the day - Sniffing the Wind

Yep, we went to the river again. We Love it. This is on the way back home. My big beautiful dog.


Photo of the Day!!!

I'm star struck. haha. I behaved and waited until I was back in the car before I freaked out! My friend Chelsea came to visit today. On our way home from Panera Bread, my favorite, she says hey, that was Lance. There are always bike riders up and down these winding roads. I have never thought to myself, hey, this is where Lance Armstrong lives, maybe it's him. Of course I didn't have my camera on me but I found a great little point and shoot in the floor board. Yes, we turned around, I hung out the window and took a photo of Lance Armstrong. The first was not good enough so we pulled over down the road, I jumped out and took a photo of the flowers and then turned, smiled, caught a smile back from Lance, then took one last shot. YEAH! That was fun. I was good, I didn't even run after him or yell or anything. You should be proud.

The flower bed I pretended to be interested in...

He's still going strong! Lance was sporting black and yellow gear advertising his new Austin bike shop Mellow Johnny's.


Photo of the Night

No editing.


River Walk -Photos of the Day

So just for the fun of it, Thomas & I played with photo video. The dogs pretty much give it way. We taught our dogs to swim & walk backwards... ;) My zoom-in timing is a bit awkward, but it was fun...

And tah-dah!, magic dry pants!



crazy photo of the day

It was Crazy Water all day.
Hey Lubbock, a very reliable bird said that Crazy Water should be on the shelves in both Market Streets. Let me know if you don't find it. Then let me know what you think when you trying it!


CASH Photo of the Day

So I headed into town, after strolling town lake this morning, to search for new places for photo shoots. My goodness, there are so many places to play. I had a little list with me but before I even pulled it out I took a random lucky turn and BAM there he was. Johnny! A friend, Jed Taylor, Head honcho of The South Side Sanctuary, and his buddies painted the mural. If you are on facebook go here. Check them out, buy a T-shirt.


Photo of this Day

This is my view out my current office widow. No editing. But I did use a circular polarizer filter.


and indecisive...
here are a few photos from my day..

Someone tell me what these are called. I know, I know, I should know, I just don't know.


A photo a Day

Today I was told that I need to post more, and I agree. I have so many new places to explore. So my friend and I made a pact that we will do a photo of the day.

Just so I have some disclaimer out there, some of these are going to be everyday life photos, some will be experiments, and some hopefully will knock your socks off. 

So to start things off, I think this one reminds me of the diving photos they show on the olympics. By no means am I comparing myself to those awesome athletes. More than anything this is an experiment shot on a day when the rain was coming down like crazy. I have some fun shoots coming up so I am trying to decide what new tricks I want to try.


New Places

I have a new favorite place. This one is also five minutes from where we live. If you come to visit us, bring your swim suits because this will probably be one of our stopping points. I spent the afternoon here before heading off to the house inspection. Which, by the way, went exceptionally well! Here are a few photos from the day. I also played around a little with HDR.


Okay, had to add one more. I like the eye movement in this one... 
Tell me where you end up looking.

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The In Between

We have been house hunting for the past week. We made one offer last Monday and then opted out after the inspections on Thursday. We turned around and made another offer on a different house we really, really like, but we are trying not to get our hopes up because of the last house. They accepted our offer and we are waiting for the inspection day. In the mean time we have this great little place we go to after work and before the sun goes down. It is our retreat place close to where we live. We try to escape at least once week.

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