Happy Howl-oween

Sorry to say that our sweet little Winnie was not a very good participant in "dress-up" for the trick-or-treaters. She pretty much thought the attire was the treat, and instantly tried to eat whatever I put on her. Waylon and Walker were so good, and didn't seem to mind.

We are in an isolated part of the neighborhood and only had 3 little trick-or-treaters. I have never had such polite little visitors, I was so impressed! Even though I offered more, they each took only one piece of candy and said, "Thank you." WOW. I am use to the grab (as much as my little hand(s) can grab & more) and go'ers. I love our new neighborhood! 

Hope you had Happy Howl-oween!



Anxiety rises with the election coming to an end soon. Email bombardment, commercials, phone calls, arguments, pointing fingers, misinformation, threats of our future being in danger, the end of America, the end of the world. Change, good and bad. I found this blog entry encouraging this morning.

We voted. I hope you do the same. I believe this is an important election. But it will pass. I hope you can find peace in reading this, as I did. Read Here.


Sarah's Believe it or Not.

I am a sucker for old things that are a part of either one of our family's history, specially if I know a good story that goes with it. This is how I have this old phone. It was used by my mom's parents in their small town Hardware store, Outhouse Lumber & Supply. I grew up running around this store, as did my mom. This phone still has the phone number in the center of the dial that my grandmother typed. I set it in my office as decoration.

The phone guy came today to set up my land line in my office. As we are discussing what type of phone I need in my office, Thomas picks up the phone and there is a dial tone. The technician hooked up the "Super old phone" as Thomas explained, and it WORKS! Well, of course the first person I called from it was Mother. She was tickled, as were we, that it even works. And I don't need to buy a new phone!


Fall Birthdays

We had or fall birthdays this past weekend at our house. Which gave us a good goal to get all of the boxes unpacked. Very eventfully weekend. LOTS of food. I am still recovering from all the good food.

We ate at Oasis. I had not been there since they rebuilt. What a mammoth of a restaurant! Pretty sun set, good food.

Clap as the sun goes down. As to say, Good job God! It was beautiful. The horizon looked like it was on fire as the sun set over the lake.

Then back home to this yumm cake. Not a bit left! I don't think I have ever had a store bought cake for a birthday party my mom was in charge of... Are we spoiled or what!

Thomas enjoying his birthday gift. It was pretty cool.

This little cutie volunteered a "CHEESE" as I snapped this image before we ate. WHAT?!, she is only 21 months. She knew what to say before anyone else said cheese. Amazing how fast they learn. I think I have found my favorite little model!


I'd like to dedicate this one to my Mom

Even though she will be here tomorrow night, she has been waiting to see a photo of my office. She took two days off to help me paint and venture to Ikea for furniture. We didn't get it all up before she left, so she has been anxious to see it put together. The paint is Light Silver Sage. It took me forever to pick a color I would be happy with. The sample swatch setting on a white piece of paper looks green. But on these walls, it is blue. I have grown to like it.

There is still a lot to do like hang things on the walls, a rug. I want to get two chairs to set by the window and a sideboard to hid all of my junk that is presently sitting in the living room... The curtain was donated by my sister. You might recognize it as the background in the previous photos of her family. I'll keep ya posted as it comes together.

Woodrow found a good crack climb on my new wall shelves.. I'd like to get outside and climb myself, just too much work to be done, Woodrow.



This was take at 10:30 last night. We had a little break from the rain. I love night shooting.

I stepped out on our back porch this morning and heard something I had not heard before. It rained hard all day yesterday and most of the night. It was not raining this morning, but it sounded like it was from the porch. With a little more investigation, I found this, a creek in my back yard! The previous own told us it was 5 feet deep one summer. We have a series of ponds dammed up that lead down to the lake. It has not rained like this since we have been in Austin. So excited that I went on a little nature walk this morning. We have part of the Green Belt trail in our backyard. Which would be good for trail running, if I ever decide to exercise again.

We also have a golf course in our neighborhood that is owned by Willie Nelson. You can't tell in this photo, but the flag there in the middle, is a Texas flag.


Traveling show

This past weekend was full of excitement. I came into town (MW/DFW) because a good old friend of mine was getting married in Dallas at the Aldredge House. Two gorgeous people and a beautiful wedding. My sister went with me. They had a photo booth set up that printed the images for you to take home, as well as, saved a digital file for the bride and groom. Of course we had fun with that. The last two times I have been with my sister, we have found ourselves in a photo booth... Humm. I think she will hate that I posted this one.

Yeah Shaun and Abby. I am really happy for you both!

The rest of my weekend was a little Crazy. I went to the Crazy Water Festival and the Crazy Water Pavilion before the wedding on Saturday. I drove to DFW and back twice. I got some good play time in with my niece and I had a little break down before I could get home. My driver side window fell inside the down. With a little duct tape (really), I made it home without any major problems..

GPS at night. This is kind of what my weekend was like.

I want this water pitcher and tall glasses!

cutest little girl ever.

I got stuck behind this thing on the way home. I tried getting around it. And I almost did, but the truck here in front of me stopped to get a good look at it before the light turned red. There I was again, at the end of the long train of cars trying to go around it. Set me back an hour. 

I took off down some random road and came across this guy, out in the middle of no where, looking a bit like I felt at this point. I just wanted to get home. 

All in all it was a great weekend. I got to see a friend I have not seen in a long time. I am hoping she will come see us in Austin sometime soon!


Coming out of the boxes..

We are still walking around boxes. It has been a while since I have even taken a photo of something worth posting. Boxes and more boxes. Arranging and rearranging. Paint decisions (Light Silver Sage from Restoration Hardware, "it looks blue on the wall") and new office furniture from Ikea. It has been fun. As soon as I go back to Ikea and get the right door fronts for my wall shelves, I will post an image or two of the new "cubical" progress, ha! This weekend I have a wedding to attend, a one year old photo shoot and the Crazy Water Festival (which you should attend if you are in the area). Hope you are doing well. Happy Thursday Night!

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