Kendall + Kitzel!

As I start adding photos from the past year, I am beginning with the most recent shoot because I can't wait to get them out there! I can't even tell you how excited I was when Kendall emailed back in September to see if I would shoot his engagement pictures. Kendall is an amazing artist, photographer, writer, and friend. Check him out Kendall Ruth, and his blog, and read about him here. I am so honored to be asked to capture this rich moment in his life. I met Kendall way back in 99 at Ute Trail Ranch, or "The Rock." I was a guide and he was my trainer both summers I worked there. Then we caught back up about ten years later and now he's getting married. And Kit is one awesome chick, I liked her from the start! Check out her business, Fleurish Design LLC. They were in Austin because she did the flowers for this wedding. Thomas and I met up with them last Sunday evening and let me tell you, I LOVE this couple. They are so much fun together. It fills me with so much joy to see them together!

On with the show!


Happy New Year!

I definitely have some blog time to catch up on. Man, where have the last two years gone? Oh yeah, I had a baby. And that sweet baby has filled my life with so much joy. Finding a balance between bragging about my work here or absorbing every sweet moment with my child has been a seesaw ride for sure. Most of last year's work has landed on Facebook. But I am now going to try to bring this blog up to speed and maybe even spend a little time reworking the website. Between three hour naps and now Wednesday mornings open for working, (Bailey started going to an Academy on Wednesdays) I will have a little more time to promote the latest happenings at Sarah Holt Design & Photography, and a LOT has been happening!! We welcome the new year!

Here is a family portrait that Bailey took for our Christmas cards this year.



I have three fabulous families I shot before Christmas I have not shared yet. They were so much fun. Two are return clients. It is so much fun to watch them grow!

After you check out these beautiful families, see more of my images freshly posted on the Official Sarah Holt Design & Photography facebook page!

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