My wonderful friend Jennifer Bellah teamed up with me on this engagement shoot. They all were troopers in the wind that day. We pushed back the hour to meet that morning because of the cold. Then it was windy. But we snapped lots of photos and lead them all around town. They did great. Thanks Tim & Terra for letting us create your engagement photos. And thanks Jenn for all you did to help make this shoot successful!

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cristy cross said...

First of all, I'm honored that I'm at the top of your fav photogs list. I mean all those people below me are people I think are awesome and would love to have skills like them and you put me on the list with them. You have absolutely made my day. Second, I wish I could've taken pics with you and Jennifer. That would've been so fun. You two are doing awesome and I love your header. So creative. I want something that is creative like that. you so smart lady. I miss you and I am so excited for your photo life.

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