Reece Renee soon to come! I had the best time catching up with old friends and dreaming about the future. Comments Rock!


Erica :) said...

Oh Sarah!! These turned out beautifully... (Now I wish Joe and I had done some!)

Thanks for sharing; can't wait to see more!

It was so good seeing you at the shower; tell Thomas hi for us!!!

Love, Erica :)

Mama Kell said...

My name is Necole, and I met you at Amanda's shower. You have an amazing eye! The pictures on your blog are incredible. I love to see truly talented, creative people. I can not wait to see more of your work.

Beth & Eric said...

WOW! Amanda is photogenic (as always -- I remember her posing at her wedding!) and your photography is amazing. I'm so jealous that I can't have you take pictures of me!!! I LOVE the ones in the nursery. Awesome, Sholt! Love you guys.

Crystal said...

Sarah, What can I say...I'm speechless...which you know is difficult to do for me. I always knew you were a creative genius. I am totally impressed. I hope that you are doing well. Glad I get to see your work.

Love ya, Crystal Robinson Herring

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