Moving Process

That wasn't too hard. The previous post is a close up Soapsud's rear end that faces A&M.

While Thomas & I were figuring out where we will move to next, we also made a list of what adventures we need to embark on while we are still in Raider Land. Thomas called me one night on his way back to school so excited and urging me to come take photos of Soapsuds all wrapped up. The Saddle Tramps had just finished and did such a great job. It was beautiful. We were so happy to see this one more time. It was Pat Knight's first home game.

The first image is Will Rogers and Soapsuds unwrapped. Here are a few more from that night.

By the way, if you have any suggestions on the must do things you like to do while in Lubbock. Please let us know. Our time in Lubbock is officially limited.

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Beth & Eric said...

YAY! What classic pictures of Soap Suds! Great job. Those are keepers, for sure. I'll let you know if I think of anything else! And you know, my vote is for Dallas! ;)

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