A photo a Day

Today I was told that I need to post more, and I agree. I have so many new places to explore. So my friend and I made a pact that we will do a photo of the day.

Just so I have some disclaimer out there, some of these are going to be everyday life photos, some will be experiments, and some hopefully will knock your socks off. 

So to start things off, I think this one reminds me of the diving photos they show on the olympics. By no means am I comparing myself to those awesome athletes. More than anything this is an experiment shot on a day when the rain was coming down like crazy. I have some fun shoots coming up so I am trying to decide what new tricks I want to try.


brandi p said...

SWEET! oh and now I see the tennis ball! nice experiment!

lfhcreative said...

I love it! I may have to give that one a whirl soon. Is that your new house? and I completely don't know what the things are in your post from today either. A lantern, maybe?

Nathan Hayes Boyd said...

Holy cow! That's a lot of Sarah's! Awesome job!

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