Photo of the Day!!!

I'm star struck. haha. I behaved and waited until I was back in the car before I freaked out! My friend Chelsea came to visit today. On our way home from Panera Bread, my favorite, she says hey, that was Lance. There are always bike riders up and down these winding roads. I have never thought to myself, hey, this is where Lance Armstrong lives, maybe it's him. Of course I didn't have my camera on me but I found a great little point and shoot in the floor board. Yes, we turned around, I hung out the window and took a photo of Lance Armstrong. The first was not good enough so we pulled over down the road, I jumped out and took a photo of the flowers and then turned, smiled, caught a smile back from Lance, then took one last shot. YEAH! That was fun. I was good, I didn't even run after him or yell or anything. You should be proud.

The flower bed I pretended to be interested in...

He's still going strong! Lance was sporting black and yellow gear advertising his new Austin bike shop Mellow Johnny's.


Amanda said...

Justin thinks this is really cool, he's a big fan!

Nathan Hayes Boyd said...

That's awesome. Sounds like you guys are enjoying yourselves out there. I'm glad.

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