River Photos of the Day


Lulu said...

I think you can catch the moment really nice. This is something I always miss being busy with all the buttons in my camera. I really like your pictures.

Lulu said...

Hi Sarah. I'm new to blogs and don't know how they work so I'll leave another comment here.

First of all thank you so much for what you said about my pictures. It's really nice of you.

I do photograph my friends climbing. And I do worry about my stuff, too. To minimize the risk I only top-rope while taking pictures. I put a camera strap around my neck and also connect the camera to my seat-harness belt with connectors so the camera can't swing. I keep it on my back of course. While shooting I got it connected to another sling attached to my harness. I only take one lens at a time.
I've been lucky so far ;).

I'm planning to put some climbing pictures on my blog soon, so please keep checking.

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