I will be in Mineral Wells Thursday through Monday next week and I am booking photo shoots if you are in MW or you are willing to drive there. Please give me a call or email to set up your time. Slots are already filling up. This is a 2 page printable link to the price sheet if you are interested.

Hope you all have wonderful Christmas. Below is the front of the Holt Family's Christmas card this year. I printed them on a beautiful cream pearl paper. They look like gold! Very excited how they turned out. Merry Christmas!


brandi p said...

Awwwww... too cute. I guess this is what the other B. Price that lives on 26th street is going to get! {smile}
I like that Winnie is representing herself too! Of course the boys are adorable.

paperlust said...

so cute! hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

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