Willie Mitchell

Another fun shoot I am in the middle of processing is this photogenic senior, Willie Mitchell. He was such a good sport with letting us experiment with light. Willie is a creative soul himself and had some great ideas up his sleeve. Here are just a "few" of my favorites from that night. Let me know what you think! Thanks Willie for being so patient with us and letting the creative juices flow!

Sometimes it is just hard too decide which to post. I like the image with just three because you can see more detail in the image. I like the five just because it is more complicated... so you get to see both...


Joanna Mitchell said...


I'm partial to the subject, and might not be as objective as most, but, I think these photos are excellent. You guys did a great job! Can't wait to get the actual pics in hand.

Joanna Mitchell

erin said...

Hey these are great! It looks like you found some awesome places to shoot. Hope you had a good Christmas!

Ali said...


Cool website and great photos! Looks like some familiar MW landmarks in the background too! Nice touch.

Glad you and Thomas are doing well.
Take care.

Piper & Ali

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