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I have had more graphic design than photography work lately. I tend to forget to post design work, but here goes. Some of these are photos my mom took. Not all the signs were up the last time she visited, so I added plain ole design files to fill in the gaps. These large signs hang at an old gas station at Hwy 281/N Oak Ave & 6th Street in Mineral Wells. Six of them are placed in sets for two, one is an old postcard image and the other is full of info. We have an Information Center with the history of Mineral Wells and the famous Crazy Water, which I am sure you have often heard me talk about. So the next time you drive pass, don't, stop and read the signs. The Famous Water Pavilion is two blocks west of the Station, go check them out too!

I have wedding this weekend I am super excited about. I just received my first large prints from my new Mark II and I am falling in love with the camera all over again! My friend Brandi Price is coming in to shoot the wedding with us! I can't wait to see her work her magic with her new camera as well. So check back, will try to post image right after the big celebration goes down.

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Nathan Hayes Boyd said...

These are so good. You're such a great designer. I love the old-timey yet brand new look all of these have. Keep up the great work.

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