W is for Wowzers!

Prints are fun, especially if they are for me! I really do get giddy when prints come in. I am slowly adding to my office collection! This one is the largest so far, 24x36 metallic print!

I have a busy week ahead, I have two out-of-town shoots Thursday and Friday and back by Friday night to meet up with some old Lubbock neighbor friends. Then a wedding Saturday night in Fredericksburg. Today I am cramming to get work done before I hit the road. I am hoping to bring some of that rain from north TX back with me. Man, don't we need it?! I am also praying for my sweet friend who is expecting twins. We want those little cutie-pies to stay safe inside mommy one more week! After that we can't wait to meet them!!!

Happy Wednesday!


brandi p said...


love that chair too!

Jennifer McCann said...

I like the shadow of your card holder!

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