Casey James is Going to Hollywood!

Remember these guys from this post, Jacy, Casey, & BC?

WELL! Casey James auditioned in Denver for American Idol and they showed a special on him last night. You can find that clip here. Casey is a Fort Worth singer/song writer that grew up in Cool, TX.

Casey let your hair down, You're Going to Hollywood!!! We are so excited for you!


Jennifer.Bellah said...

Sarah!! You're pictures of Casey James will be famous!:) so fun!

Heidi Stout said...

Would really like to ask you a couple questions, I love your photography style, very cool. Can you look me up on facebook? ...heidi stout, I have a lightening bolt as my profile pic. I look forward to talking with you!

Anonymous said...

Very good excellent, crystal clear.I don't know anything at all about photography but those are some cool pictures.

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