Crazy Water Bottles, Please VOTE!

Crazy Water is going to glass bottles! I don't care who you are, you must leave a comment and tell me which bottle you like best. (1)juice (2)vinegar or (3)wine bottle. These are as proportionate to each other as possible. The labels will probably change according to the shape bottle that is chosen. If you don't know anything about Crazy Water, check out this link, Crazy Water, it is the best water ever!


Beth & Eric said...

Hello again! Well... that statue on the website looks most like the Juice Bottle (#1) but I like the Vinegar Bottle the best -- it's more unique and vintage-y. xoxo You are so dang creative!!!

Sarah Holt said...

You are so observant! Thanks for your vote!

Erin said...

I like #2 the best.

Erica Maese said...

Sarah, I have to agree with everyone so far... #2, the vinegar bottle.

Yay! And way to go; introducing the world to Crazy Water! Go Mineral Wells!!!

Erica :)

Amanda said...

I like #2

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