Sarah's Believe it or Not.

I am a sucker for old things that are a part of either one of our family's history, specially if I know a good story that goes with it. This is how I have this old phone. It was used by my mom's parents in their small town Hardware store, Outhouse Lumber & Supply. I grew up running around this store, as did my mom. This phone still has the phone number in the center of the dial that my grandmother typed. I set it in my office as decoration.

The phone guy came today to set up my land line in my office. As we are discussing what type of phone I need in my office, Thomas picks up the phone and there is a dial tone. The technician hooked up the "Super old phone" as Thomas explained, and it WORKS! Well, of course the first person I called from it was Mother. She was tickled, as were we, that it even works. And I don't need to buy a new phone!

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