Fall Birthdays

We had or fall birthdays this past weekend at our house. Which gave us a good goal to get all of the boxes unpacked. Very eventfully weekend. LOTS of food. I am still recovering from all the good food.

We ate at Oasis. I had not been there since they rebuilt. What a mammoth of a restaurant! Pretty sun set, good food.

Clap as the sun goes down. As to say, Good job God! It was beautiful. The horizon looked like it was on fire as the sun set over the lake.

Then back home to this yumm cake. Not a bit left! I don't think I have ever had a store bought cake for a birthday party my mom was in charge of... Are we spoiled or what!

Thomas enjoying his birthday gift. It was pretty cool.

This little cutie volunteered a "CHEESE" as I snapped this image before we ate. WHAT?!, she is only 21 months. She knew what to say before anyone else said cheese. Amazing how fast they learn. I think I have found my favorite little model!

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Jen said...

Nice chins

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